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Author Comments

Well this is my first flash game ever. i have been working on this for a while now, months, mostly because I have been learning everything as I go. All the programming and graphics are done by me. This is just a basic start to the game, not many levels to go on or quests, but you can still level up for a while.

Im sure there will be bugs so bear with me here. It may run slow for people. if it is too slow, go to the menu and lower the quality. In future versions i will try to get everything done in bitmaps instead of slow vectors but for now this will have to do.

Im also aware of a saving bug. Seems to save the changes to the inventory even though you never hit save. Will look into that. Any other bugs you see let me know.

I dont know why the sound is not working right. Works great locally. Ok the sound was screwed up because of mochiads and as2. i think i got it working but there seems to be a issue when you go back a page.

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Needs Work.

Needs work. For instance the graphics are bad and the game play is boring. Reminds me of the original NES zelda except without the fun factor.

Good game but short

I found some bugs about the sword and gold prob. The only thing this game needs is more quests, foes, items, and tecniques.

A Couple Of Bugs

It is very good, has nice graphics, animation and music. Here are a couple of bugs that I found through my little play about

1: When you gain experience points from a quest it may give you more than you need to level, however you do not level until you after you beat another monster

2: When I tried to buy a spell it said that the price of a level 2 flame ball was 100 Gold and i couldn't buy it even though i had 140 Gold, so that either a programming error or you just put an incorrect price down

3: You should set a maximum amount of quest items so that you don't get more than you need and you should also make it that you cannot sell them in shops either as it may lead to player accidentally selling them. Instead you could make a destroy item button and then another box could appear saying yes or no to destroy the item.

Thats all I can think of for now, still it is a very good flash

-----Well Done From Hanchaisun2-----

hourang responds:

thanks for your insight.

1. should be fixed now
2. that spell is actually 1000gold not 100, the text box was not big enough. this is fixed.
3. yes i thought about this as well. i will update this. thanks

I don't believe you!

You call this a "first attempt" at making Flash content?! This, my friend, is quality Flash work! True, it is overly simplistic and has clear newbie indications (the strikingly similar first four scenes and... well, most of them, really), but nevertheless, it all works surprisingly well. ^_^ I must admit that I did not finish the demo, but I saw enough to say that it may be a fine game in the making. Suggestions for improvement would have to be... greater variety (enemies and backgrounds especially) and more in-depth combat system. Now, it's unfair to compare a first work to the likes of, say, "Sonny", but it's something to consider. Also, more work on the animations would be swell. :-) Great job!


I thought was a great game for your first submission, it flows well just that the icons arn't that great... But for the work you've done brilliant!

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2009
5:10 PM EST