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The College Years 17

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Episode 17: The Project

PLEASE READ FIRST!!! This episode is mainly from a class project I made with two guy a couple of years ago. When voting please keep in mind that these two guys have never used flash before this class and have no intentions to ever animate again. So please don't give it a bad score without considering this, thank you.

So a little late this time due to internet troubles. The joke in this episode was that I am phoning it in. The truth is this was the hardest damn one to make this season. Mainly because it was spread across multiple files and two of them were corrupted. But I still wanted to put my friends stuff up here, so the file is bigger than it should be and towards the end the sound gets out of sync and it probably has poor quality due to a huge file size.

Also it's not suppose to make sense, so don't try you'll save more brain cells that way. I hope you enjoy it.

Next episode Friday

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good example

a good example of a flash movie showin what people tryin to make a good flash movie but instead being a crappy one

Don`t listen to them!

That was a work of art!

RandomFilms responds:

Your icon looks familiar, hurm....


I agree with DeMaio's final words. This was retarded but it had it's funny moments. I give it a 6.

RandomFilms responds:

That exactly what we were going for

Good as ever.

Even though some of the flash was bad, I thought this was hilarious.

RandomFilms responds:

Much obliged.

That was rude of you

You make me think there's gonna be some decent animation and maybe some college humor might come in but no. You tricked me into watching like a half hour long craptastic fake flash movie in a flash movie and the final joke wasn't worth it! Shorten up the crappy one and lengthen out the good one...don't be lazy and just say I'm done...
Very rude sir, very rude.

RandomFilms responds:

Did you miss the part where I wrote "PLEASE READ FIRST!!!" and a whole paragraph saying it's not going to be that great? Or in the second paragraph where I said it's a class project not a real episode? Or how about in the third where I indicated it's not going to make sense?

Maybe I should have the title read "please read author comment's first so you won't be tricked into a cartoon about something that is vaguely different from the title"

And yes, this response is very rude