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SMB: The Mushroom Hero 1

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***UPDATE: This episode- or the following few- do not NEARLY compare to the animation of more recent episodes. I realize that the animation quite frankly sucks, but it does improve over time. If you're new to this series, don't be discouraged.***

The Super Mario Bros. Series- AND Mario's life-changing adventure- begin!

Well, I've been writing a fanfic series for quite some time. I also managed to pick up a copy of flash. Now I'm dusting off my old Newgrounds account (which I pretty much forgot about), and am starting my own flash series based on my written one.

This is my first completed piece of work in flash, and it took about a week to make. The battle was so short because, well, in my fanfic it ended in less than five seconds. But I wanted to stretch it out a little bit for the sake of entertainment. I'll also probably make this more DBZ-ish that the fanfic was, mainly because most people (including myself) enjoy it more. As I get better, I promise the episodes will be at least a little longer. Enjoy! Oh, and press SPACE to advance dialogue. And I guess I should mention that you should click the icons in the main menu, not the words.

EDIT 10/6/09- For people new to my series that are starting with this episode, don't judge the quality by this episode or even the next one. I'm still fairly new to flash, but I've progressed a lot since this episode.

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God of destruction?? Chaos are you? :v
Good animation

When I press play it won't play?

awsome, great for a first time in flash, anyway, is matel mario a robot? because if he isnt, then he needs a "metalic" mario voice

Your flash video is awemazing i'll give it a 5/5 stars for that.


I liked it! And nice Metal Mario sprites! This is good for someone who just started flash!