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Lost In Space Full !!!!

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Author Comments

YES!!!, this is the full version of Lost in space, it haves 3 levels (thanks to Spanwin for the translations, hehehe) use the arrow keys to move your ship, the mouse to aim and shoot, and "c" to change camera.

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Decent spaceship shooting game, more sound effects would be nice.


^^Good Points^^
Like most games in this score range, the best part about the game is the crappy graphics.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is still an extremely flawed game. First off, the preloader doesn't work correctly. Next, the sound effects are horrible. It sounds like you got really close to your microphone and then made some odd noises. The game itself is really stupid as well. I can't find a way to tell whether or not I hit the target, so I have no idea whether I am playing the game right. I died quite quickly and I'm not sure I was even able to hit the targets correctly. I'm a little stymied by this game. I'm sure if it worked well I wouldn't have had fun playing it anyway just because of the horrible graphics, lame storyline, and general unprofessionality of the whole game.

Completely flawed just like the demo

Every flaw from the demo was repeated here again I sucked at it and failed to hit the ships quite frequently in the first level, however because the 1st level was so easy I managed to complete it with no challenge whatsoever. The 2nd level was just irritating and took me a couple of attempts to complete as firing yourself didn't always work and you had an enemy ship hidden at the bottom of the screen. The third level was too hard and took me a couple of attempts as well, it was hard because the ship kept teleporting far away and firing at you, but you made up for the hardness of it by making it only take a few htis to destroy. When you had to destroy the ships that didn't fire at you it was annoying and took a while because they kept going off-screen for ages and when you'd destroyed all but one you had to sit there waiting for ages to be able to destroy it. The bosses was all too easy and were even easier than the non-bosses as they were really big and were too easy to just hit everytime. You should have been able to dodge the enemy fire or something as well as it would have made the game more fun. Some background music wouldn't have gone amiss in this game and the sound effects you did have in the game were really annoying. You also should have made the controls more obvious as I didn't work out you could rotate left or right, or cahnge the camera mode until the very last level.

Beat It

If It's So Fucking Impossible Done1done1done than how did i beat it FUCKING DUMBASS DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING I.Q OF A BOWLING PIN FUCKING DUMBASS


Not my cup of tea. It wasn't really that good either. The game is really boring, and quite impossible.

Credits & Info

2.49 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2000
8:55 PM EDT