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The Shape N' Shape Collab

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After many hours, screwed up deadlines, confusing audio files, and a half-eaten bag of Cheez-It Twisterz, the Shape N' Shape Collab has finally reached completion. I had this idea after one of my own shape flashes was banned. I wanted to submit a shape flash that had a chance to be saved, so I started this collab. Here's a tip: Don't tell us the fad is dying out, believe me, we know. And don't hate on it just because it is a shape flash, because it is not, it is a collaboration of shape flashes. So take that society. Here are all the people who helped:

Psychicpebble - also made loading screen
GordanFreeman-16 - is now Amplified31 FYI

And a big round of applause goes out to Doomsday-One for doing most of the programming!
I'd also like to thank Stamper and JohnnyUtah for creating this fad.

If you want to see the thread where everyone eventually began hating eachother (or where the collab began) go here: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1015926

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i remember watching this like 7 years ago.
this brings back some memories.
though i cant say it has aged well since then.

sumidiotdude responds:

Damn! I never thought there’d be a new review for this flash ever again. Not the best flash to digest, for sure. Hard to believe that it was nearly ten years ago, too. Appreciate you checking in on it. Be well!

This is probably the best in these shape cartoons. My favorite was the one with Christopher Walken. It had the most detail. I did love the Black Knight one. Anything with that gets a laugh out of me. I like collabs.

It's hard to remember them all. Well, they actually were pretty distinct. With minimalism, that's hard to do. The round corners one was good too. He did look off.

sumidiotdude responds:

Hey man, thanks so much for the thoughtful review! Feel like forever since this came out so I'm glad you still got some enjoyment out of it. Keep up the great work with your reviews, dude! Cheers!

Honestly, this was shit. The voice acting was horable, and it sounded way too loud and obnoxious. Shapes? Really? What's the point? Did you run out of ideas? The jokes weren't even corny, they were so bad. Even in the deepest part of my lungs, the one that likes to laugh at everything, did NOT want to laugh at all.
Honestly, this completely sucked ass.

sumidiotdude responds:

Hey man, thanks for reviewing. "Shapes" was a fad on Newgrounds a few years ago, where several big name animators and admins submitted simple flashes revolving around shapes. Us few artists contributed to the fad by making our own shape flashes and collaborating. The jokes were pretty bad, we figured they fit the stupidity of the fad. Thanks again for reviewing.

i hav to admit

da first few ones were pretty funny like da one wen da circle said : IM GONNA EAT UR FACE!!!!!! lol :P

sumidiotdude responds:

Ha, thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

szry but like

i dont like your voice actors maybe if they sounded more clear and were more funny like ego raptor or somthing i could get into it but i yea voice acting i dont like very much but ifthat were changed id like it sry

sumidiotdude responds:

Hey dude, thanks for reviewing! Voice acting was not up to par, I'll give you that. Egoraptor is waaaaay better than I will ever be at voices though, but maybe someday I'll be on the same scale as him. Thanks for the pointers dude!