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How a Mario is Made

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Just some fun little loop I made during class.

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i know why you mADE IT A LOOP OH WAIT CAPS TURNED On oh never mind anyway you made it a loop because hey wait whats that oh a dog ate a cat so who cares any you made it a loop because he get a 1-up before the goomba does a FALCON PANCH


****ING AWESOME! good thing it was a loop, or it wouldn't make much sense.


even though it is a short movie it was funny.. good job brodizzle


short, sweet, and funny. crappy animation but a great idea. not bad man!


That was good, it wanst professional or anything but it was still fun and i liked the idea's involved. I dont have anything to complain about really, but maybe you didnt have time for colour (coz u where in class or sumthin) but some colour would be nice on your next submission.