Awakening Destiny

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Just an older project I decided to submit. I don't really feel very much inspiration to add more to this storyline, so there's a lot of mystery. If there's going to be any type of actual continuation in this it'll be a collaborative effort with me and my good friend Rezic.

The KH-ish theme you see is property of Squeenix. Not mine. Savvy?

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This movie has NO relations WHATSOEVER to kingdom hearts. Your art and animation are a C+, but seriously, next time try to be original. I applaud you for trying though, just keep it up.

Could be a lot better..

In fact, this flash could be worked so the movements could be better, also the heartless (black guy) is almost invisible because of the black background...
The intro could begin a bit before this scene so we could understand what happen to make the main character get in this place, and you could (in my opinion) have some voices added.
Also, wy can't I see the credits? Is there any? If not this kind of work can be easily stolen, that happened to me once.
Still, its a good flash, keep up the good work!

Review for: "Awakening Destiny"

Dear Artist:

I'll sum up my review here since I am limited.

The animation/movement of the characters were very limited. The only real movements I noted were when the protagonist got up, said "What?", and scratching the back of the head. Everything else was just shapes moving. I would like to see more fluid movement instead of simply seeing things move back and forth or up or down. If that's not possible, use a substitute; for example, instead of showing confusion by scratching the back of the head, show the protagist panicking by having his eyes dart left to right or a bead of sweat roll down his face.

The camera angles are what really dissappointed me. If you zoom in on everything, the dramatic effect of the zoom in loses its purpose and effect. Sometimes, the camera doesn't even need to move at all; remember, you can move the audience even if your animation isn't. The biggest problem of this is, since one of your backgrounds isn't drawn into flash, you can see the pixels during the zoom in. This can hurt your review if someone is rating you on aesthetics. As an example, you can put the camera high up and aimed down when the protagonist starts firing out questions for the talking pedastal. It's a classic use of the camera to show the protagonist's small demeanor and helplessness/hopelessness.

I will not rate your animation based on artwork or length. As the artist, you decide what skill level of artwork you're at and what length the flash needs to be to get your point across. As a first, I will also NOT rate your flash based on story or content since the flash seems incomplete. I regret to say, however, that due to these limitations, I find it hard to review your work to the fullest extent. In the future, I would like to see a full and completed work to review. I am looking forward to seeing your full potential.

Thank you for time in reading my review. I look forward to seeing more work from you

CBJ3 responds:

Thank you for your detailed review. It was very helpful and I greatly appreciate the tactful approach in which you expressed your views. My next project will definitely be a complete one.

OK, not more

I just don't see why people submit unfinished flash.

That said, it wasn't too bad. Could have done with an actuall story. This felt as if I'd missed the first parts of some movie though - why make the END first?

As it stands now, suddenly there is this guy, wich apparently is "the key barer" for some strange reason. If you are going to continue this - make sure to do the beginning of this FIRST :)

CBJ3 responds:

This is the beginning. It starts out with a lot of mystery. A while ago I had planned on more storyline, but that kind of faded as I moved on with other projects. He's basically destined to die at this point (the reasoning behind that explained later on through the story) and he's given a final chance to stand up for his existence. To "embrace" his destiny.


For starters don't tell us that your Flash is no good in the author comments section, let the viewer decide. If you are not confident in your work, simply don't post it. Against my better judgement I decided to watch this even though you admitted it wasn't good, and I didn't think it was all too bad. Some more sound effects would add to this flash instead of just wind and music. Remember, TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK! Flash isn't a cakewalk and not a lot of users know that.

CBJ3 responds:

I agree. Thanks. I changed my author comment.

I do regret not adding more sound effects; voiceovers would've definitely helped. Perhaps I'll pick up on this storyline later and make it higher quality. The current project I'm working on is a much higher standard, and it should be finished soon. It's a music video collab I'm working on with a friend.

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Jan 30, 2009
10:36 AM EST