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Press Start: Lament

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Press Start Adventures - "Lament of Ineptness"

Count Vile and Vlad hold a villains' teleconference to find a way to free Vile from Hell.

Featuring the voices of David Humphrey (SONIC ADVENTURE 2 & SONIC HEROES), George Nowik (CONTRA 4), Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson (MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE), and Peter Davis (FREESPACE 2)!

"Press Start Adventures" is a monthly animated series that follows the live-action videogame parody movie "Press Start", available on DVD at www.PressStartMovie.com.

Some folks have asked why these episodes are a little shorter than the earlier Press Start cartoons. They were originally intended for mobile devices and needed to be under 3 minutes -- ideally around 2. We've got a batch of toons already in production, but we'll revisit the length after those. Thanks for your support!

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hm, wait

Did i miss the part where he died, or is that only shown in the "Press Start: Movie"?

Good as always

While not much action, this was a great episode of the series because there was just so much effort put into it. I love the way all of the villians are put together, and how I recognize them as being parodies of video game villians. It's especially funny to see how they interact and play off of each other. It is fantastic you were able to get celebrities who actually did voices on the video games to do this. I guess Egoraptor is now a voicing celebrity with his video game work. The funniest part was the Sagat parody.

Great as always

Poor Thai Fighter. Im sure a tiger uppercut could have helped with the plan.
@Lazydd3vil the episode your looking for is the press start movie.

aww man

great ep as usual, but where is the episode in which Vile gets killed IT'S MISSING IN THE SERIES LIST!
Ok on another topic... YEAH GUYS of course Vlad is the awsmest HES ACTUALLY A SERIOUS BADASS (like me)

lol nice

Vlad sounds like the main character from Batman Beyond. Are you him!?!?!?