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Hello everybody. This is my first submission to new grounds and also my first flash. This is probably the most dumbest flash i have ever created. Its about Shy Guys attacking the Yoshi's island and Donkey Kong must warn Mario about it. On the way, he meets up with Gotenks(which doesn't make sense at all). This is an incomplete flash so don't say what happens because i didn't finish it. Its sooo dumb that you will start laughing til you hit the ground. The other reason that i didn't finish it is that i used 12fps. I wanted to use 24 but i didn't know what i was doing. give Credit these people for voice acting in the movie

Convito - Donkey Kong, Pirate Shy Guys
VoiceGirl - Gotenks

Also the Music

Porky's Theme - Mother 3
The Achterhoek Dances - Jan Rap
Turtles Theme - Yoshi's Island
Obstacle Course - Super Smash Bros Brawl(Yoshi's Island)

I wanted this to be like a Bowser's Kingdom, but this is what i got. I am making another series called the Legend Of Sanji Which is 10 times better then this. I know it sucks, but its a start in flash.

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how come lugia is in it?

Not bad for a first.

This wasn't all that terrible for a first flash,the sprite animation had a bit of inconsistency with it's detail & quality but the flash also had a good amount of humor to it i especially got a kick out of Donkey Kong & his voice,overall yeah there is much room for improvement but it was a swell first flash so keep on improving and you'll get much better in no time. =)


Gotenks voice was very hard to hear over the music and the storyline was hard to follow, not one of the best sprite flashes ive seen at all, by far

abdur17 responds:

your right. IT SUCKS!!!!!!

Looks good to me

I think that worked pretty well, especially for an unfinished piece. Weird, definitely. But funny. I also realized how so freakin white I am while listening to my performance in this lol.

Not bad at all...

Better than anything I could come up with, or even make on here xD only thing is (not sure if it was just me or not) I couldn't really hear Gotenks over the BGM... but other than that, I sure as hell got a kick outta this

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3.78 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2009
12:00 AM EST
Comedy - Parody