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Vector Blast

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Blast the encroaching vectors. Collect extra lives, power-ups, and energy charges. Clear 50 levels to win.

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I appreciated this game. I admit that it got kind of redundant. It was just the same screen over and over. I still appreciate how there were different enemies. I think they all took the same damage, though. Some of them probably moved faster.

The music was nice and cheery too. There should have been explosion sounds. I think the only sounds were the music. The powerups were quite good. I'm not sure if you can have more than three of those guys on screen at once.

whoa i dizzy

i got dizzy after lvl 43 :3

Where can we get the music?

Can you link to where the music is from? It's really good.

The controls seemed backwards to me like the right button should have rotated the other way and vice versa.

Nice Game

It reminds me of an old PS1 game that had music by The Crystal Method.

too easy

I found myself holding down one direction once i had 4 blasters and not having much problem surviving. Add more power ups, some temporary stuff, you know? Still an alright game.