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Smash Kingdom Lost Levels

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As some of you know, Pat and I have decided to end Bowser's Kingdom. It had a good run but we don't want to sprite anymore. Since I won't be finishing Smash Kingdom Brawl I figured I might as well release the skits I finished as a fan service. This obviously wasn't finished but if you get a laugh out of them then that's all that matters.

Also, I have been getting a lot of messages asking me how the Mario vs. Sonic thing would end, and well here's a nifty tip for you guys. Flip a coin, if it's heads: Sonic turns into Hyper Sonic and blows Mario away with a super energy beam or something. If it's tails: then Mario teams up with Luigi and together they are able to beat the ever loving shit out of the hedgehog. And if that doesn't work for you then use your imagination.

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If you think carefully, Pikmin is scary.

Kind of random

The animation is nice but not awesome, Doesnt mean it cant be awsome its actually decent work and is in a pretty goos shape of quality, B utit still needs some Tweaking there and here and all around for some better outcomes It does have some interesting and entertaining things. all about it though and thats what drew me to this. Haha this was actually pretty cute, and I really like the random including all the different characters from old games and whatnot that made for some good viewing. You really did outdo yourself on this one, the effort does show, and you cant ask for any more then that, So keep up with these unique types, and keep making stuff, as long as theres something to create then keep on making them, You have something good here and as long as you can keep the Momentum going it will be worthwhile to the fullest.

Its always good to experiment with ideas here and there even when overused and there is ofcourse always Plenty of room to Include a few helpful ideas that can make a flash like this much better. You have outdone yourself here I dont think you should touch it but if anything is suggested I would suggest some extra larger "VIEW-SCREEN" but other then that its pretty solid.



well pit he's super sonic. it could get worse. he could be hyper or dark s.sonic

Sneaky Solid Snake XD