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Note: This is not really a music video.

This is my very first flash. I didn't think it was good enough to be put on Newgrounds, but some friends supported me into doing so.

This is just for fun, so please don't leave hate comments.

Personally, I think I had a good concept but the animation could be better.

I hope you enjoy my creation :)

Thanks for Watching.

P.S. and yes, I know the correct past tense of smite is smote. Smited sounds better.


Twas okay.

Somewhat good concept. Al Yonkovic ftw, Though I think there could've been a lot more effort put into this. It's not a bad attempt though. Keep on trying!

It shows some effort

You obviously put some effort into this, although most of it was misplaced in grabbing graphics off Google. Your rain effect was almost great, but lacked a quality I can't describe easily. Let's just say it was too opaque.

The climax took a little too long, and had I not been interested to see where this Flash was going, I wouldn't have stayed to watch it. You could have had more action before the dude was "smited[sic]."

To sum this up, you could clearly take your Flash to the next level with a little more effort. Make animations more complex and instead of images, create your own graphics.

I'm giving this 4/10 and voting 2 because it's not where it needs to be and it could definately be better if you put more time in.

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sman5922 responds:

Thank you for the constructive critism, I will take your advice and make a better flash.

A little short

It's not a bad little video, but it could do with a few minor changes, just to steer it in the right direction:

Rather than throwing out cheap imagery of Michael Jackson, why not give us something that we can relate to a little more, as the guy trudges through the cityscape? You could do with making the movie a little longer, so why not have him walk past groups of people, who point and laugh at him while he's walking past them, as the 'You're Pitiful' rings out across the flash.

I'd concentrate on finding a better quality audio of it, though I appreciate this piece can be difficult to obtain for a while, considering that it was never authorised by James Blunt's record label - might want to give a sarcastic thanks to them in the credits ;)

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LOL nice

This was freakin hilarious.

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Jan 29, 2009
10:22 AM EST
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