The Creeper

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This is a disturbing claymation with a weird demon guy in it.
I dont know what its about so dont ask me.

when it goes dark in the middle of the claymation look closely and you will see the demon guy holding his head in his hand but when it gets light a guy in a yellow shirt is standing there instead.

that is probably the most confusing part so i just explained it there without spoiling too much.
replay button doesn't work for some reason though it works on the swf i have on my computer.
just right click and click rewind if you really want to.
[edit again]
Fixed replay button!



The length was short but that's no matter, its a creepy short. The music completely fitted for the mood I thought you were going for. Also, I am not sure if you did this on purpose but I thought your desk with chipped off surface wood was a pretty cool setting. Great job! The only reason I put a nine was because it lacked the fluency from one creeper to the other. I thought they were the same person...

Yes, he did creep...

Didn't creep me out, but was an interesting use of claymation. Not something I'd watch over and over. I could see the darker parts. Thought the music helped set the tone for one losing their head and regaining it.

MikeFlash responds:

I think you misunderstand the movie. (which is easy to do) he doesnt actually regain his head that is a different guy there. as you can see his head is a completely different shape and he has a yellow shirt on.
the only reason he is standing in the same spot as the headless dude when the light comes back on is to make it seem really trippy and stuff.
BUT if you are talking about him holding up the sign at the end that has nothing to do with the rest of the movie.

Very nice

Looking foward to more ;]


That was creeepy, man.
lol liked it though :D


REally cool dude, scared me a little.

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Jan 28, 2009
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