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52WKS01: Birthday Wishes!

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***NOTE: This was submitted on January 7th, 2009 -- but due to a SERVER error on Newgrounds, I had to reupload the file. I'm sorry for the hassle! So please do not hold the score against me because this had to be resubmitted. THANK YOU.

Today is my birthday, and I finally released my top-secret, 52 Weeks Project! The Fifty-Two Week Project is an idea I've had for a while to create. For a whole year, I will be animating an animation a week until my 18th Birthday. I am currently 17, and as a starting point -- I decided to submit on my birthday. This is going to be a challenge for me, especially for thinking of 52 ideas for a whole year, but I'm sure it'll pull together nicely.

I'll be submitting every Wednesday until my 18th Birthday, so once the new duedate hits, I'll have to have the animation finished on time by that day. This gives me a week to complete an animation. I'll usually start doing the idea on Thursday, Sketch it out in my notebook Friday, Move it into Flash on Saturday, Than finish it all up by Wednesday and submit. This is what I'll be doing for a whole year. I will try to keep the ideas and animations unique, and not repetitive -- Hopefully, I can be as original as possible. Wish me luck, and I hope you enjoy the challenge!

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Your Project is a funny Idea,I'm looking how much you did >XP

holy smokes

I like the animation. Short but good enough :P Good luck with your busy animating schedule ? I Expect that you mean shorts, and not long animations ? Because if you're making a long one every week :O, well good luck then ! Keep up the good work

wtf , you only have 6 reviews and you got daily 5

its pretty wiked though gotta give u that


good work dude, keep it up!


Yeah, I like it. I'll be waiting for more, each week. Go for it!