Clayfight Drunk Buddies

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Some crazy clayfight and a drunk guy.


Here's a tip for you....

More.....Frames....it will be harder but it will look way better!
just keep that in mind! Good Luck!

HegdehogFerret responds:

Hey i am making shorts ^^ And im just don't really cant make it any longer i have a much bigger project in mind but my camera is totally irritating : / Because it looks like the camera has been drinking : / It is just totally blured out after my last project ._. >_< i'( (

.....just for effort

No sound/music is really a small point of contention. Even without such, there is a plot and anyone who has ever tried claymation-its wicked tedious. With a little polishing, I seriously think you could rock out old school....keep it up. Look forward to future submissions

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HegdehogFerret responds:

My newest one so far is clay meets lego :D Watch it by clicking on my name up there and see after ¨Clay Meets Lego¨ And many thanks for the nice rewiew. :D

why isn't this on youtube?

I don't like claymation as such, but it was okay, we got your fingers in a couple of shots, which subtracts, no sound or music subtracts, and it wasn't funny.

You need more frames, so that it doesn't get too jumpy, some sounds when the guy get's drunk, hit by a boulder and so on. Basicly take some more time doing this; it's way better to work for two months making a good 30 secounds claymation movie, than using a week to make a so-so 1 minute movie.

HegdehogFerret responds:

Hey i know about the fingers and yes it is on youtube, and i cant put sound in :/


i like clay cuz it looks like its moving by itself in the video but in real life it isnt moving by itself. i wish that all different colors of clay could live in peace and not fight. flash rocks. i love this flash website. and this flash video.

HegdehogFerret responds:

Hey i read you comment if you love claymation why a 0? And 1 more thing its not my website there was in the top its a watermark. :/

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Jan 28, 2009
1:34 AM EST
Comedy - Original