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the ugly truth

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much like monopoly, smash brothers ends the exact same way

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LOL...sore loser?

I can dig it. That was very funny.

haha very true

lol I'm guessing this wasn't an idea, it probably actually happened. If not then it's very realistic! 8/10 because I think the animation and a little bit of the lip sync could have been a bit better, but other than that good stuff!

Reminds me of how I use Ganandorf's flip kick thingy over and over :P.

vago187 responds:

yeah it did happen

Haha Nice :)

I love the voice work and the overuse of the word fuck haha score's the 5 stars i've given but not much to the animation. I think it need's to be better presented but thats my opinion everyone has there own style's :)

lol nice one~

I gave ya a 9 out of 10. It was funny, but not perfect :P
anyways, that was an awesome play on how i usually beat my bro at video games
i also gave ya 5/5
just to be nice
rock on~ XD

F*** Pikachu!

I knew a guy that would do that pikachu thunder crap over and over too... Got annoying, lol.

Gave ya an 8/10 since the drawings weren't as clean as they could be... But that's okay in my book. The idea and audio was funny enough that the art didn't have to be the best it could be. Great work!