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Madness Savior short

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Author Comments

Well i made this a LONG LONG LONG time ago.
and i love the background, and i made it; by the way.
and the animation is pretty smooth, so i decided, eh, what the heck. ill just put it up.
im mostly looking for comments on the background design and how it looks, cause im really getting quite good at creating characters and making backgrounds. so if you dont like the animation, just leave it in your rating and just tell me how you like the background! :]
and i know theres no sound cause i never intended to put this on newgrounds so chill about the sound.

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Really good animation but could benefit from more time put in it was kinda choppy at times

it seems smooth... too smooth

my tween senses are tingling
but its still a good short

To be honest..

..That looked kind of gay, actually.

-4 for the choppy animation.
-2 for no sounds.
-1 for jumping, instead of walking.

Sorry man, but that's what i though.


Very good!

You are a very good animator, but, I am sensing you lack of patience though. Try to take your time, and hell, do excatly what you are doing now only do it until the animation reaches 5, 4, or 6 minutes! Good Job! :D

The animation is on par

It's good enough, but what I would call "blah". It does not entertain, no story, no real action, but the animation is okay, and if you wanted you could have added some sound, and 2-3 minutes of plot, getting a higher rating.

Animator1123 responds:

read the commentary. wasnt a project. i wasnt even planning on posting it