Parkour Loop

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So I really just made this for fun.

It's really short and as you can see it goes in a loop, don't expect anything else to happen!!

I wanted to try out these stickmen animations for once... and I kinda liked it... tell me if you guys did too, maby I'll start in this genre :3

And that's it, leave a comment!!


pretty good style

this is my favorite style of stick men if you can plz make more and a bit longer would help to. but stay on the right track!

~ Ironman1148

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great job, just make it longer. Can't touch this!

Thanks for warning us.

I think parkour is a great direction to take sticks in, and the visual style in this flash was awesome. I do think a better song coulda been picked to fit the fresh and free-form nature of the sport. Something like the soundtrack from Snatch, or even some Daft Punk would do the trick. But that's a personal preference, so meh.
The only reason this isn't getting an 8 is because it's so short. 4/6

There's great potential here.

I like what I see. The animation is fluid, there are several layers of background and the visuals are decent. Obviously there is room for improvement but with what you have here you can make a pretty entertaining flash. Waiting to see what you can make out of this.

not bad. :P

I voted 0/5 because this honestly doesnt belong on NG. But, thats good stickman animation, heres some tips, make it larger though. random stick people killing other random stick people is popular on newgrounds. you know that? you can get pretty far with this, well, not this loop, but add some action. :] if you can make it interesting, itl get alot of attention. If you make great graphics, great plot line, great story, good gore effects, realistic motions, with unrealistic powers (example, jumping buildings) realistic FIGHTING i should say. :p here, watch some of the Madness series, killing spree series, watching stuff like that will get you to start creating.

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2.53 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2009
3:23 PM EST