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The Agent ep.2

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Here's the 2nd installment of The Agent... "programming [for] the youth!"

sorry about the load time. I got the bright idea of using bitmap backgrounds... and lots of 'em. while i think it looks really nice, i'm not sure about the trade off with file size.

If you're interested in behind the scenes info, go to:
http://companystate.blogs pot.com/


*EDIT* Daily top 5! Thanks everybody! also... there was a 'skip' just before the walking montage. don't know how that one got by me, but it's fixed now!

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I liked the concept, and the animation style.
I'm nice when it comes to votings and reviews, so I'm lenient, and I'd have to say I really didn't find anything wrong though.

5/5 10/10
Keep up the good work, man.

Awesome, but random?

What do yall mean its random? watch the other works of our humble artist/author, its all linked.

toxicwes, this is funny cause its just about true. I've lived in just about any type of urban and rural area one can think of and its true for every single one of them. I've seen people with ten kids driving around caddies, wearing all kinds of designer clothes but living in crack houses letting thier cash cows...err, children i mean...run all over not caring about what they do. Nice easter egg btw, i barely caught that.

An amazing new series!

This is an new series I am eagerly awaiting to watch more of.
An invisible man. The glasses add a nice touch.
The colors and details of the character and backgrounds!
All amazing Work!


its random without making it so that i couldn't understand. the guy though... he reminds me of the invisable man in 'the league of extraordinary gentalmen'

Keep going!

Everything about this series is smooth.You were troubling over the file size but it's definitely worth it.I loved the drawing, animation and especially the music, it set everything off perfectly.

I hope you won't keep us waiting too long for the next episode.

toxicwes responds:

I'll try not to take 3 years this time. ;) Thanks for the kind words!