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In this episode Mortimer, Brad and Josh desperately need to win the High School Talent Show to pass drama class but what happens when they are threatened with tough competition?


Ahhh, those crappy high school talent shows that we were all forced to watch before the big seasonal breaks. Most of the ones I saw back then were mostly like American Idol and Battle of the Bands. This one, however, was far more amusing because of how awful but entertaining they were. The mentally challenged guy shitting on the stage had more talent than the ones at my school.

I also remember those Red Bull commercials before they added the disclaimers to them. Hell, I really enjoy all these references to the 2000’s that this series makes. I also liked the posters and background characters, they add extra humor if you pay attention to detail.

You did a good job at making the antagonist as obnoxious as possible. I liked how you had all this build up for his part of the talent shows only to have him screw it all up.

The humor in this was much better than most of your other work but the ultimate punch line to this episode was the “extra 1% each” comment. I was laughing after the main characters had to humiliate themselves and endure all these awful shows only to get an extremely marginal upgrade to their marks. However, when you think about it, it does close a loophole on this whole talent show prize.

Also, did you compose the music to this series, especially the intro and credits music by chance?

try to get in touch with some of the animators on NG and build a perfect episode that you can pitch to tv stations or other possible opportuinites that may arrise

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AHahahahahahahahaha Britain's Got Talent Reference..I Love It!

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Jan 26, 2009
5:54 PM EST
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