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Battle Royal 001

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A mysterious tournament has begun, and the entrants are in for some tough competition. But, there seems to be more than meets the eye to this tournament. What is Dr. Wily up to and who is his leader? Who is the man cloaked by his cape? With the matches under way, Inuyasha and Uzumaki Naruto take the stage first.

This is the first installment of the "Battle Royal" series. I know that I probably have to work on the text speed a little (I'll read up on my text coding), and I didn't mean for the fight scene to go so quickly. It seems to take forever when you're making it. I promise to make the next fight longer.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this flash. I've been improving. I think.

People seem to be thinking that Kid Buu will be the obvious winner in Episode 2, and I agree. Luffy vs Kid Buu, Luffy is toast. And it seems that people are worried that Kid Buu will lose against Luffy because of an earlier response. Well, let me put it this way. I HAVE a storyline. Everything that happened in this flash has a REASON behind it, including Inuyasha losing the fight and that only CERTAIN techniques were used. I have to save some material to make the other episodes. As for who is going to win between Luffy and Kid Buu, it is plainly obvious. I'm just saying that things you won't EXPECT will happen. The plot will thicken.


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InuYasha should have win =_=
Why did not he use Kaze No Kizu or Kongosoha?

Rylumin responds:

According to my plans from back then, InuYasha isn't out of the series yet. His loss was just a part of the plot to make things more interesting. Whenever I find the time to continue this series, you'll see what I mean.

Im sorry for not posting a review, I just need help finding the first song that was played in scene 1 and scene 4. I can't find them.

this is rfeally excellent.
it has a story plot that makes sense. it keeps you wondering what's going to happen.
Pweeeeeezzzzeee???? 83

Rylumin responds:

I'm amazed people have still been watching my animations. Lol. I haven't logged in here for about 2 years.

Unfortunately, my computer with all my files for this project stopped working about 2 and a half years ago. I lost several thousand sprites I had cut/customized as well as backgrounds and music. What hurt most is that I lost all my animations including Battle Royal 002, which I was working on. I had everything saved on an external harddrive, but that became corrupted when I tried to help someone else fix their computer.

One day I will continue this series though. My animation skills have improved a lot since that time. I'm currently created my own MMORPG based on the anime/manga Fairy Tail though, which is taking up most of my free time.

im soo interested

hurry up and make the 2nd epidsode!!!!!!!!!! i wanna know what happens in the story!!!!!! it took u 2 years!!!!!!

Good I guess

Its pretty good but i don't see why everyone is saying that Luffy doesn't stand a chance i mean sure buu is definetly more powerful than him in some way but wouldn't that ultimately mean that he is gona own naruto and all the other none dragonball caracters? I don't think that would be right and for those who are not watching One Piece and saying this then they might wana do their homework because i believe that Luffy is more than enough for kid buu.
Anyway it will still be up to the creator to decide :P