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EDITHHH: Oh my, 8th best movie of January. Such an honor... Thank you everyone.

EDIT: Thanks for handing me the weekly 4th, love ya'.

EDIT: Thank you for the front page, Simon and Tom :)

EDIT: Holy BOLOGNA! Daily feature, it's been a while :) Thanks to all the voters and reviewers! And my brother Tomm-E...

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I got this idea after watching Disney Pixar's Wall-E-movie. I loved the whole thing, the graphics and all the stuff. And especially the robots with a personality. Suddenly I realized that you could write "Tommy" in the Wall-E-way: "Tomm-E!" So I opened Photoshop and wrote it for fun to show my brother. Later, I decided it would be cool to make a movie with Wall-E-like robots, because I love animating robots and stuff.

This is the story of how I taught Tommy to make Flash, how we discovered Newgrounds and met Simon, told in the Wall-E-ish way.

Needless to say, there's an easter egg in there. Just take your time...


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Very creative

This was a really cool submission, While not as good as some other stuff, it's still very nice to look, So it was a good Discovery There was various strong points some weaker points aswell, You have some good content and Material here on this flash and made it all worth the while, Later I will Recommend some ideas but thats later and only if it needs them. Now this was very creative here, I like all the robots and the whole newgrounds theme was nice, even liked some of the old music themes, I think you could ad more "EFFECTS" to spruce things up like sparks around there movements and such, more effects would be great. What can I say more, you won some awards for this great flash, the award speaks for it self and shows off your effort in making this, so great effort and great flash. So first of all great flash here, You have shown the effort and presented a good flash here, I found it amusing and entertaining, allthough this could use abit more to it I was still enlightened by it, and hope to see more from you soon. This was pretty awsome. But certainly Could use more work and more effort in some spots and what-not. Good luck on everything else.

There is allways room for improvment and while your flas was pretty decent there were a few stuff and details that could have some slight more effort, So I suggest a few ideas and tips below hoping that it will only make things better,try some or all of the tips and ideas out, and let your flash shine even more. so good luck on improving tis, it looks like it can be even better. Spruce things up like sparks around there movements and such, more effects would be great.


Ah, so that's how Flash files were made, right? I like it!

"Make flash"


Rock On!

Your last vids were really cool and this one keep your above average standard :1.
BTW: was any of the music from Ratatouille?


FTMFW!!! This is totally epic!