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Kirby: Cake Adventure

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On an innocent enough day, Kirby is attacked by the greedy King Dedede where he loses his precious cake.

Kirby then sets out to serve up a large helping of justice.

Oh, by the way... This is not meant to be funny or action packed.. so don't bitch about that. If you want a shit shovingly funny action cartoon, make one yourself.

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o rei vai perde! o kirby veise


How to start off this review of this interesting yet mystery of a flash here, you have alot going on here, some stuff I was not on par with but its how it was presented so you do have something decent here and i quite enjoyed what you have presented, you have done a Wonderfully and Enticing job here and glad I found this Discovery of a flash, good job. Haha this was cute, I do like the "BLACK AND WHITE" theme here but I could see you adding some color into this maybe just a bit of touch up of color like a spot here and there, like a small item or object while the rest is the black and white theme, just an idea to think about. The animation was actually pretty decent most of the time and could use some adjustments on other areas, I will Clarify some ideas and tips later in the improvments section, But honestly this was a pretty decent submission.

maybe a good idea maybe a not so good ideaa. And there is some pretty good ways on going about it aswell, so give it a try, the extra effort will be a plus to all. A new idea for you, A decent flash you have here, even the black and white style is pretty good, makes the whole flash kind of unique, if you add some color, maybe just spots here and there or random items or stuff, maybe a focus on red or blue or even blue, but mixing in some color would be great, give it a try.


KIRBY VS DEDEDE: each get haft

That guy saying there was no eye thing? I think he meant Kracko Jr...which WAS in the original game. Dude, fail. Brush up on your knowledge before your gonna rate someone. Good video overall. I liked how you used the original sprites and music!

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4.45 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2009
7:39 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place January 25, 2009