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Every Kids Movie Ever

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Author Comments

I got bored one afternoon so i did this. I was also pissed at all the crappy kids movies that were on tv at the time. Something good that came from this is that I got some more practice at lip sync. Yay

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not bad

it wasnt bad, actually i kinda liked it. maybe you could add a little more animation to your next flash. if this had more character movement or a deeper plot your score would of jumped substantially.

Not bad

Great animation


If it didn't have the premise that it did id give it about a 4 or 5 as it wasn't anything great but seeing that the point was this is every kids movie ever and the characters were dead on I say an 8 could have been better but good none the less


I went into it thinking it would be really sub-par, but wow- you proved me totally wrong. I'm a simple kind of gal and I loved the drawings- they're what really made the whole thing great- and the lip syncing was perfect. And the whole movie was pretty much spot on with the kids movies, you've got that swagger with your comic approach. I like your stuff!

I liked it

It had very nice animation, lip syncing was perfect. And i thought it was funny because thats how 99% of kids movies are.