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Alfred Christ

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Jesus has been ressurected into a cartoon dog. His name is Alfred, and now you shall all worship him. So Alfred is basically Jesus in the new form - he came back, and he came back in the form of a cartoon dog. And his name is Alfred.
So he commands you to spread him around the internet! So, spread him around the internet, and tell your friends, and post on forums. Because he is Jesus, and you will do it for him. He is also superior. So he commands you to post him in forums or else you will be damned to hell.
I mean but plus like its a really kool show so like people should see it
k bye!
~alfred, savior.
ps. Also i'm gonna take over tha INternet LOLZZ LOLZ PEACE!
edit: LOLZ LOL Z FRONT PAGE I TAKING OVER INTNERTRT!!!! INTERNET shall be mine but seriously folks, this pile of shit is on the Front. I suppose you cannot explain it any other way, i mean, really give me an explanation - it just is, divine intervention. It really is. On my part. Because i did it bbecause im god. Jesus. See I mean how else i mean really, how else. How else? So just relaly then, vote for me, and worship me, because really there's just proof there. i mean how else could this get on the front of the internet. i mean really folks. i mean, . .. . Okay so this is like the water turning into fucking wine you saw it right in front of you, watthefuck, there's the proof, so just fucking worship me. i mean really its for your own benifit.
Hail alfred, god blesss, peace be with you i'm also satan.

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Wanted to play this for my friends on youtube, Turns out, they JUST got banned recently. I'll miss your videos on there but here you got your freedom.

pretty good


This is awsome!