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The Spellbook

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Author Comments

First things first;

This is my first flash I post online ever, but I think it's decent enough.
It's quite hard to define a "Genre" for this, I wasn't sure either in Gadgets - Other or Adventure - Other. I don't think it fits in any of these, but oh well. Since I intend to make more than one of these, it could be an adventure... I suppose.

Basically, it's a Spellbook, and you have to study the spells within that book for the upcoming test.

Basic Controls:

Click. It's all buttons, so all you need is a working mouse, or pointer.
To turn to the next page, click the flipping corner.
To turn to the previous page, click the page on the left.

Comments are appreciated, but please, remain civilised.

Note: It is not just reading; there IS a test at the end, but you DO have to "study" for it.

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pretty neat!

This is pretty neat! but like brownspider said the enemy doesnt really attack but reading the spells and watching the animations were pretty cool :) so ill give you a 10 and a 5 this being ur first flash :) good job!

Kinda boring

I thought this was an interesting concept on the whole, and a unique idea indeed. I did think it got a bit tedious though to read all the spell descriptions, especially since they didn't serve a purpose (although the animations were kind of funny). On the last page of each chapter, the Guardian Deity's picture tends to overlap the text. Watch out for this, as it decreases legibility.

I was expecting an actual test (questionnaire) subsequent to reading the book, and I was somewhat disappointed to see that there was not one. The fight is cool at first, until you realize that the enemy does not fight back. This part should be a standalone Flash game.

I thought this was neat, and very nicely done for your first-ever online Flash, but it is really just turning pages in a book, which does turn off people with short attention spans, i.e. most of the people who will probably view this.

AMOE responds:

well... the enemy you have to fight can still act, it's just so powerful that it would annihilate you in one hit. He has 2 moves in fact.

1 is using an item, which you've most likely seen.
the other? yes, he attacks. However, he only does if you use a certain spell too much.


No offense but all it was is reading a book, andi don't like reading

Prettu intrensting

I would say for a solo first project it is very good

i'm sorry

but i just dont get this. i mean, if it had maybe gone more into detail about the actual beliefs in magic and the like than i could see it as informative. or if you learned then used the spells in some kinda adventure then that woulda been cool too. but as it stands, all it is, in a nutshell, is reading and turning a page.as such i have to give u 3 stars and a zero. but for a first time flash you show alot of promise. good luck on future projects.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2009
1:17 AM EST