pick pocket pete

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I let friends on myspace decide how this ended just for shits and giggles.


Yeah don't let myspace folk decide anything.

That was a dumb ending.
I didn't like the graphic style. I think the black borders conflicted with the old style you were going for. I also noticed the cola costs 1/20 of a cent. I think you meant 5 cents not .05 cents.
I think with time you could make some good-looking animations, though you did some stuff that should have been fixed (like the wallet that slid back into the pocket on it's own).

If you're going for comedy maybe you should add some actual plot or a gag that you know... works.

CricketJam responds:

I ment .05 cents as a joke about inflation since then, and mostly I agree i made this for an afternoon's kicks.

also, I wanted the wallet to be seen in the pocket for a few seconds b4 it slipped all the way in at an intentionally awkward pace in order for it to appear under petes hat b4 he disappears.

I expected to see more

Ahhhh It needs some work. It was kinda dumb and the ending was retarded. Expected see a guy named pete going on adventures trying pick pocking people and get beaten up or punched out cause hes so bad at what he does.

thats what I would have liked to see

CricketJam responds:

I'll probably do that.


kind of like old cartoons...

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Jan 20, 2009
9:46 PM EST
Comedy - Original