Ackbar : Breaks

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Episode 63 : Ackbar explores space by reversing the reality of the time warp's vortex.


haha, my favorite ng artist does it again!

Another hilariously entertaining and short episode of the greatest series on ng, ACKBAR.

now suck my dick hoe.

A good episode.

It wasn't quite as funny as usual but it was still a good quick Ackbar episode and i really liked the part with Ackbar in the wrestling ring and it's blue lighting effects,since this is the most recent episode i request that you PM me every time you submit a new Ackbar cause this is now one of my all time favorite series even if it isn't great in the animating department i also had the philosphy that it doesn't have to have great animation to be a great flash cause of this Ackbar series and all it's crazy random nonsense and hilarous voice acting damn near every episode gets me laughing good and i am quite amazed that so far there are 63 episodes of this great series,keep up the great work man seriously. =)

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My balls ITCH!

Well done! An instant Ackbar classic!

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I liked it

A bit funny.
Nice job.
Nice animation style.


That was kinda like an Ackbar YouTube Poop or something. Being an Ackbar fan I caught the referances. Amusing play on the garbled George W. Bush line, too.

Keep up the good wo--IT'S A TRAP!!

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4.09 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2009
11:04 PM EST
Comedy - Original