Frame 4: An FBF collab

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I APOLOGIZE ABOUT THE FONT ISSUES. I was very inexperienced with flash at the time which I organized this collaboration.

April 9, 2009
Alexman159 made me aware of Frame 4's current rating. As of 1:33PM today, we're ranked #501 out of 152,092 submissions!

January 18, 2009
Before this, I made three line animations under the Frame title. They've been accepted fairly well, so I decided to try my hand at a collab. With the help of seven other animators, I was able to get this little animation out into the portal. I hope everyone likes it.


Amazing stuff

I really like these pieces, they may not be everyones faves, but I do like them, they bring a certain something to the table and thats what makes them differant from the rest so nice job on making this it is a decent submission and hope you make more like this one, This was Absolutely a good Treat, and was Wonderfully executed, so nice job here. This here was some amazing stuff, the animation and smoothness of it all just flows with ease, the different scenes and whatnot are also great and amazing work, this one will go in as one of my faves. Certainly got some enjoyment from this, So I was pleased with this and the outcome, There are a few instances that could be better, but Overall I did get some enjoyment from this. And did like the Opportunity to review this flash of works.

Not sure what to suggest as this was awsome and amazing but some extra "FLASHY" effects wouldnt hurt at all


I love it

This was a very nice collab. I know thats vague but. . . I dunno what else to say. I have one question thought: Was the background art done by the animator who animated that scene?

Voiceover responds:

For the most part, no

Not bad.

Not exactly a fight to the death, but I like the idea.

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Voiceover responds:

Fight to the death? Did you click on the wrong link?

You finally made it.

well it wasn't as horrible as I expected, but it was really boring. The animation was nice and all, but the whole limited-room concept doesn't make for a good movie. My advice is to just dump the whole idea of making a line-line collab.

Voiceover responds:

I finally made it? It came out in January. have you perhaps confused this with the Line Life Collab 2 or Frame 5?

Surprinsingly good!

When this animation started, I wasn't expecting much, due to the fact that nothing was really happening and I was wondering if there was some kind of error, like I didn't do something right, but then I kept watching and saw all the variety and good use of animation skills! All in all, quite impressive.

Voiceover responds:

Thanks, your critique is of high value.

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4.26 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2009
12:05 AM EST