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Once When I Was A Kid SE

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YAY!! #7 for the Day! And we made it in the runner's up for Sunday Portal! Thanks everyone!!

It is only barely over a Minute long, please watch to the end before rating us, we'd like as many people to enjoy and see this as possible.

This SPECIAL EDITION of Once When I was a Kid is a short created back in 2007 here at Taco Buttfish. We pulled it out of retirement and reanimated it, adding new music by Milkman Dan and present it with love and care to you... The Newgrounds viewers! This childhood story holds a special place in our hearts, and soon.. it will be in yours too...

Nathan Gibson and Steve Garnett of Taco ButtFish.

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Nice xD

Apart from the animation could have been smoother, it was funny...AND THERE WAS A MORAL! lol

Yea that's so true some things are really better left unsaid! Everyone's got one of those stories lol but yea anyways good drawings and very, uh, unique storyline :P

If you need to confess something like that....

even your friends don't need to hear it.

You need to consider how they feel about it too.

Then you would just put them in an awkward situation.


LOL - this flash has reminded me of my friends and how they used to confess 'awakard' stuff like that to me.

It is best to keep them to yourself XD


I loved the animation and the voice acting.

Both were high scores!


The punchline was hilarious, and I love your style of animation. The only thing I could find to improve on now is possibly the voice acting , and the quality of the sound itself. This deserves higher marks than it already has in my opinion. Keep it up!


This reminds me of Kim Petras.

I actually lol'd

The end gag knocked it out of the park. Dunno what more to say w/o spoilers. 5 outta 5 10 outta 10.