The littles fights - n°1

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FRE : C'est un petit combat entre Mario et Yoshi précéder par un petit entrainement avec les koopas !
Les crédits dans la vidéo, j'espère que vous aimerez ca.

EN : this is a litle an short fight with Mario and Yoshi precede by a training with Koopa

The credits in the movie, i hope you like that.

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Not over?

Same problem, should make it more clear, that the training isn't the entire video.
And also, maybe put the credits at the end. Than you should put more effort into all the animation stuff besides the sprite parts, because for example the yoshi win animation was just poor.

a little thing

i nearly closed the window after the first fight scean did't know there was more might want to change that some how so the titles run abit faster

I can clearly see

This is a SMBZ tribute or unintentionally one. As far as Mario as the concept for a flash well spare me because its been done to death please don't make any more with Mario, I can't see why you fanboys love him so much. Make something original or NG related hell anything with cocks will be adored here by real NG fans not hentai fags looking for fap material.

Next get rid of the shitty DBZ fighting. DBZ fucking sucks and fails at everything. Do some other style rip of MK or SF: II.
Do you see why mario + dbz = pure, utter legendary shit stained rotten epic failure for eternity.


I actually liked it, but I think you're probably gonna have a problem with people not realizing the warm up isn't the entire video. =/ Also! Why the heck did Yoshi win? Mario would whoop Yoshi.

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3.25 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2009
4:11 AM EST