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ROFL sword

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I started making this in 2008 and just got pissed off at flash and stopped working on it, now im submitting it for your unenjoyment,no plot,no nothing. I wanted this to be bigger when I started but I can't finish anything and now this is happening. Anyway my next one will be much better I hope



The art was good, but add voice and audio. no storyline or anything. i know you gave up on it, so ill give you a 2 for the art and confusing but kinda funny ending.

I hope your next one will be better too.
And, el-syd i read a lot of your reviews.


I didnt like it. It felt like you just threw this togeather. Im not puting down your work because it could have been better if you tried harder.

Kilgorn responds:

ya i kind of gave up on this but decided to submit it anyway
I also wanted to try ads

not bad

So your drawing skills are like [|||||__] there. Right? Not Great, but not bad for someone who's just starting. But your animation is like [|____] there. There was a huge lack of it. Animation is why people use flash instead of FireWorks and Photoshop. Honestly, I know it sucks a lot, but if you want to get better, I just repeatedly go in, and just draw and draw and draw, but not still images, I would start with key frames, the main poses and movement of the actions, and just go back, and fill in all the frames that should go in the middle. And just keep filling in till it looks more fluid. Then do it again. And again. And again. If you want to get good at almost anything, practice is key. Mind Numbing Repetitive Practice. That, and I would try to clean up your artwork a little in the process :X

Kilgorn responds:

Thanks for the advice Im just gonna have to practice like crazy and hope I can my frame construction better

Nice drawings but...

Animation needs more work, and yes I did read the authors comments this would be very cool with voice and music, and more fluid animation, I know shit get's frustrating while your working on. Trust me I KNOW, but don't just roll over just yet, keep at it, or, try some other projects to get your mind off it and come back to it at a later time perhaps.

Kilgorn responds:

thanks for the helpful comment. Ya im just starrtin with flash and my next one will be more fluid(less black lines, although I think i was going with a mindchamber-esque style ) and voices and sound

good idea

but at the very end i thought it was a bit confusing.

Kilgorn responds:

There really isnt anything to get I was just experimenting with flash I will make stuff later that will actually make sense

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3.21 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2009
12:24 AM EST