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Made this flash "quick and dirty" without much thought or planning. Slapped some music I recorded last year on it and it's good to go. I'm trying to build my chops back up on my tablet and since I haven't really animated in a couple years, relearn some flash. Thanks for watching.

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man u got mad skills with the artwork... it jsut didnt go anywhere like no story or anything


dude....that was awesome.......

guess it was cool

the artwork on it was pretty tight dont get me wrong. it just didnt have much meaning to it. the art was great so it wasnt bad.

Cool idea!

I really liked the idea, its very psychedelic, and frame by frame is always appreciated. There's a lot of room to improve too, you should keep them coming

Very nice

I find this flash so visually appealing, you shoud design patterns for henna tatoos. Very good choice of music for this as well it's very creative and artistic, and although this is your first piece up here on Newgrounds, I very much hope to see more from you.