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Nuff Said I'll update later

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(title in work)

It was very elementary and basic. I certainly provided what was promised, a ragdoll that you could drag across the screen. But for this type of game you really need to add a bit more to make it more interesting. It would have been fun if there were objects that could be used on the screen to run him into other than the walls. It gave me some pleasure to play around with this, but having only four walls, this got old pretty fast.


It's so so. Stickfigures are nice and all, but I'd like for there to be more to do with him.

Could be better.

Ther should be more stuff, just swinging him around is boring. You should add hazards like guns or spikes etc.


Why was my review deleted? Fine, I'll go REAAALLY in depth as to why you only get a 2.

It is not that it isn't entertaining, ragdolls are awesome, however, I have seen at least 4 of these, and they have all had the same premise, except the others had spike walls and such, one of them I played about 2 days before I left the review for this was the same as this. When I said you used the same blood and sound effects I wasn't joking, they are the same. I am not accusing you of copying anything, but the likeness is undeniable.

And like I said at the end of the first review, it doesn't differentiate itself from the others, maybe if there was something other than a floor I would vote higher.
I do not understand how a polite review I left before was deleted, and people that tell me my work is garbage, and that I should give up get to keep there reviews up.