Frank 'n Beans

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Beans makes an observation, while Frank offers an insightful rebuttal.

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Pretty new to flash

and have never heard of shape animations.
Before I watched this I read the comments, and thought "wow this is probably going to be shit", based on peoples comments.

But i laughed. I know what you mean about people forming relationships with shapes, that takes excellent script writing skills. yours was pretty good :) now off to watch some more shape animations.

Oh, and I would have given you a 10, but it's a shape animation after all...


Not that great, since the voice recordings were a bit fuzzy, and it wasnt a good shapes thing... it was just talking about the shapes

and, haha cock joke, but the name shoulda been Oval 'n Rectangle

4AM responds:

Ah, true but I wanted it to stick out a bit from the others which got submitted. Maybe I'll remake this with better audio (find & hook up a proper mic instead of using headphones as a mic!) and change the name? I feel like it'd be lost in the sea of shape submissions...

I'm getting tired of shapes...

So I liked Beans' irony.