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Blue N' Pink-existential

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Author Comments

I was inspired by all the other shape movies to share the story of a lost triangle trying to find her place in this world.

Triangles don't have cracks....but they do have lines......

SardonicSamurai taught me how to insert keyframes, make new layers, and bake a good souffle without scorching it.

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hahha this is such a basic cartoon just two triangles great testing ! :3 sike.. :P

VariantSeven responds:

It was a big inside joke a few years ago :-)

This is pretty heartwarming.

Okay at best

I really think that line is black and not gray, but whatever. It's been awhile since I have seen one of these things and it may look kind of dated. It is due to the fact that these were not intended to be that good and were created more as joke flashes, which is fine with me. I guess you did a pretty good job of putting a philosophical argument among triangles. I still don't understand what the pink triangle said at the very beginning. At least you learned how to bake a good souffle from this.

A masterpiece!

I loved everything about this submission. The animation, the sounds, the lot. Keep up the good work!

VariantSeven responds:

and I love everything about you. GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A truly dramatic piece

If anything, this animation inspires pure poetry, into all of us.
Or at least me.
Here is what I took from this, as a life lesson, and turned into textual art;

A cold shiver runs down my spine,
as a realisation of all divine,
makes me spill my red wine,
onto the clean rug, made fine,
So, tomorrow, I will be out buyin',
such an expensive rug, I'll be cryin',
Throwing out the one that used to be mine,
all because of two triangles on a line.

VariantSeven responds:

I like you. We should go have a pretzel together. You like pretzels?