The Armenian Genocide

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A naive student learns of the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide and you will to.

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Interesting Topic

Not your everyday NG video, but interesting none-the-less, however, it felt like I was watching a poorly animated high school project (thus the mediocre score).

I say this to be constructively critical, as that is main goal in writing any review (though I'm certain someone will mark this as 'Useless' because I didn't give the video on genocide a 10/10 ).

How nice of you

I admit that the animation wasn't really nice to look at, and it really needs work in terms of detail. However, I still have to recommend this for viewing simply because of the story it tells. It's always great to hear lesser known atrocities in human history that we should be more aware of. I am a big history fan myself, so it was interesting to hear about this. I am glad this has managed to be high rated because of the message it sends. The information was put in a fairly clear format too.

All right

Its a way to introduce people to the topic, informational. But you used modern day flags of countries, which isn't accurate, that and Bulgaria wasn't part of the Central powers till 1915. That and Armenian scholars are just as absurd as Turkish Scholars, they always say above 1.5 million people died, with there numbers rising to 3 million dead, its the Western Scholars who say 1.5 million and that remains the official number. The only way we know of this are of the American explorers who went through Turkey to talk about what they were seeing. Now either way, the Armenians have there own section of Jerusalem (even though Israel has little to no ethnic Armenians living in it) AND they have there own country. I'm personally on the fence since I'm Bulgarian, and I understand that both sides killed alot of each other (Ethnic Muslims still living in the lands the Ottoman Empire lost were attacked and forced away) and the fact that Turkey didn't own all of Armenia at the time and Russia owned the Eastern part of Armenia leading to Armenian soldiers, which is why the Turks suspected the Armenians of treachery.

Also you shouldn't label the Turks as idiots, both sides IMO have a good argument and neither should be labeled as idiots. Thats not to mention the fact that all the time Ottomans lost land, the native Muslims in those lands were discriminated and attacked as well. This needs more research though to be more informational as theres far worse.

about time

Its about time that someone made something about the Armenian Genocide on NG. Thank you for your efforts, considering that i am 1/8 Armenian and this means a lot

bout time

its about time someone made a flash about this

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3.45 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2009
6:05 PM EST