Square n' Trapezoid

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Johnathon came back disfigured from the war, but a war still wages inside himself. Can there really be a winner?

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this makes me sad

good job

ummm... good?

I can only give you a 5 because of a huge error that ruined it. that wasn't a trapezoid. and it wasn't a parallelogram. It was a rhombus. learn something about geometry before you talk about shapes. :P
also, it seems to be copying egoraptor... but I didn't count off for that, as you aren't the first copier and you won't be the last.

im not a trapazoid

Ha , I like the effort. But as you might have realized, its not a trapazoid, he's a parallelogram ha ha nice try though. Just do a little research the next time you decided to make a shape video ;) tehe. made me laugh though.

Johncar11 was right

That was a parallelogram.
ReapingGod, you are wrong: a trapezoid is a quadrilateral with two parallel sides, with the other two being not parallel.

GoldenSalamander responds:

thanx ur rite its not a trapezoid im glad u agree with him, hes a square

Look Under!

now the guy who wrote that review under this 1 needs to learn geometry!

Thats a Trapaziod
and a paralelogram is not a shape! its a bunch of shapes that each side is paralel to each other like: Square, octogon, THE TRAPAZIOD! Not a pentagon, not a triangle, and etc..... LEARN YUR FUCKING GEOMETRY! stupid ass dee dee dee!

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2.95 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2009
4:02 PM EST
Comedy - Parody