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Snake and Otacon

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NOTE FROM SYRUS: If you liked this animation, try to recommend this to the Metal Gear collection. Otherwise, still hope you enjoyed this!

This is just a side project that we quickly whipped up right after we released Greatest Games Ever Episode 1, which is why this doesn't show our official logo or a custom preloader. Snake forgets about going to the movies with Otacon because he needed to find Metal Gear.

Fun Facts:

-There's an Easter Egg hidden in the movie. Here's your hint, it's located somewhere in the credits.

-There was no actual script when we made this. What happened was I was talking with Sam Haft on AIM and he sent me an mp3 recording of him imitating a conversation between Snake and Otacon, which is what you hear in this cartoon. That is why Sam Haft is credited as the Writer.

-There's possibly another Easter Egg hidden in this cartoon that even I don't know about. You'll have to find it on your own, although I wouldn't bother.



lol funny shit man

YO, wad up?

yo sy, wad up? it's me AGGIZMO,(you know who) i thought it was humeris, snake dont really give a damn about any one and thinks about the mission. but like the others i too find that it could use something, dont know what but something. see you later in the real world.

Equivocal responds:


Thanks for complimenting. But unfortunately you must have me confused with someone else. I don't believe I know you in real life.

-Syrus T. (Equivocal)


Great, animation was good,voices were good, over, great!

Had to give you a nine though because it felt as if it were missing something...

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not bad

but it wasnt really all that great. The graphics and voice acting was fine, the concept behind it wasnt all that interesting.

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AWESOME great work dood

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4.16 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2009
1:05 PM EST
Comedy - Parody