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PivAd's Inters :3

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Guys.. I became inters last January 8 :3.. I was so happy about that.. That's why I decided to create a flash for it.. And if you people are going to tell that... "THESE AREN'T YOUR ANIMATIONS DUMB***" or the animations are stolen.. Then tell me the person's name and where he posted it.. (Youtube, Newgrounds, *Forum*)

This is also a Pivot animation

From PivAd

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watch some of mine and how do you put music on here or credz

awesome :D

its inters for sure :D but why utube version dosnt have moving anis or music? just comment y message on utube.

Pivad responds:

go to the utube version again :3

its different than this now.. the other one deosnt work D:

go back ok?


now i see why it didnt take very long to load, the quality was very raped, but i've always loved ur animatons so good jawb :D

Pivad responds:

yeh.. next time.. ill make it smaller? or.. ill just save the animations in the default size :3.. its about the size of 500 and 400 :3

ill fix it this friday.. i got skool


Hey its Outragecookiemonsterlsdpivotroxmysoxe tcetcetc
the credits lagged for me, fix it.
also higherqualityplz

Pivad responds:

wel.. sorry bout that...i streched the animations and the credit's supposed to be shaky thing :3



im in teh creditz, lol

grats on the inter rank man, it was bout fucking time !!!