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This is a movie for the Lock Legion's Bi-Weekly contest. The theme I chose was "Pirates VS Ninjas" which I implemented halfway throuh this cartoon, because I didn't know about the contest until I was almost finished :O

Yes, it's a bit short, but please rate it fairly and on't rate it down just for being a Lock movie.

Also, watch the whole thing before voting.

Reviews appreciated :3


Nice work


It is so good to me, this animation was so good i hardly replayed this animation 50 times already! Though, this was a bit short. But who cares, i've been already passing 50 animations that were short!

Also, i've been seeing your animations but this is my first review for any of your animations. Anyway, the voices of this animation was very good, funny, good, and FUNNY!

How come this didn't geat an award? Does people think this animation is lame? But it isn't to me, it was very good and funny. However, you should've win that contest!

9/10 and 4/5

Characters remaining: 3,492

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ChadsWeb responds:

Uhahaha cool man



excellent. THAT WUZ SO HAWT! :3 great flash.

ChadsWeb responds:

Thanks :3

And yes, it was.

I was there.

Great work.

I am glad to see that you have begun animating LL movies.
I still love your lock.

// Rammstein

ChadsWeb responds:

Bwahaha. Thanks :3


Even those stupid clockcrew is... no sorry, thats bether than the stupid clockcrew.
I like ninjas so... sum stars for the ninja and the locks...
please try harder, I'm sure you can do much bether!

ChadsWeb responds:

I'll try and all that jazz.

Glad you like the ninjas and such.

Not sure what to say.

The art style was funny, the audio was pretty cheesy. It made me smile, at least. That's worth something, yeah?

3 and 6.

ChadsWeb responds:

Thanks :3

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3.15 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2009
11:07 PM EST
Comedy - Original