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Ngpros N' Ngnoobs

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Get my drift?

This is an actual animation, movement and plot. This is not a cheap freaking flash.

Haven't you noticed this happens everyday with all of the brand new newgrounders well, this is a easy way to show proof of how newgrounds is becoming.

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I give it a 12.

The stars, They lie.

Phalanx responds:

Hows about 13 stars?


It's so true, that's totally what they're like.

that was amazing

you have talent.

Phalanx responds:

I know I do, and thanks.

Hasn't it always been that way?

It's short and ends abruptly, but it gets the point across. I like it. Now, it is a pretty simple or "cheap" animation, but I like it. You gotta admit that people have hero-worshiped Legendary Frog for years, and you don't want to know what it's like for me.


this was sexy