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Okay, This is the intro movie to a video game I'm making. The intro movie is finished...but the game is not. I'm remaking the totally scary game for the super nes, CLOCK TOWER. WILL ALL NEW MECHANICS AND A slightly different story. More drama, more story, more reasons to die AND LIVE for. Its not crazy, its pure genius...no... IT'S MADNESS!

Crud- I forgot the credits. I animated all this, Luis drew the statue, and thaz it. oh! The singing girl is Olivia Lufkin, and most of the sounds are from Sounddogs.


A long story.

I thought it was pretty good. A little drawn out and I get a little turned off by the absence of voice acting especially a longer film like this. I'm a little confused as to what this flash has to do with SNES. It was interesting enough to watch all the way through though.

Cool, but....

I liked this, very creepy, very dark, but it's a bit too long to be in the beginning of a game, at least as one cutscene alone. Maybe you could break it, like allow the player to play one of the girl's as she leads the rest through the forest to find the house, or to find their rooms and stuff. It's cool, though.

was a bit slow

This wasn't bad, but the dialogue being in sub titles and complete lack of voices made it feel a bit slow. also the story line dragged in the start and i didnt really like it. however it did pick up a bit, and perhaps would of been more exiting with a few more effects and sound effects. over all not bad though.

Great start

now it just needs good voice acting :D
good job \m/


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3.12 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2009
3:27 PM EST