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Death's Bio

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You guys gave us great feedback on our last submission and we took all of that into play as we developed this one. We removed the "read along" text at the bottom and cleared up the syncing of the voice to the animation (it needed to run at 12.5 fps and not 12. That was an aggravating adventure).
Please watch, comment, and we hope you enjoy. We're trying to learn how to manufacture funny, so tell us what needs to be done (its for your benefit)! Although, I think we did a pretty good job on this one.

Thanks again!


there's a new one!

can a flash make you laugh and open your eyes at the same time? i dunno, but it made me laugh!

may the Crosswinds guide you...

LaughMostHere responds:

We're glad to hear it made you laugh Crosswinds. Which particular part struck you as the funniest?


The life of death what a novel concept, good ideas, drawings were fine but animation could've been more animated, turned out good all in all though.

LaughMostHere responds:

Thank you for your comment and suggestion for animation. I completely agree with you that there should be tons of more animation. I would really like to involve more animation in my submissions as well, I'm just so tied up with other things that I have a limited amount of time to work on the projects. Thank you again for your time and please stay posted on us.

Very Funny

Ok, I'd like to start by saying your on the right track with your comedy. I 'd like to add when thinking of jokes, just think for a bit and let them some to you. The best jokes are spontaneous. I look forward to seeing more of your work, and good luck!

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LaughMostHere responds:

Thank you friend, I greatly appreciate your advise and words of support. As we develop more and more we realize that the material shouldn't come across mechanical and scripted but rather flow naturally. Thank you for your time and we are grateful for your support.

i liked it.

very clever. how's that working out for you?

LaughMostHere responds:

Well its coming along. We're trying to produce the best material we can in a time and resource restrained environment. If we can get a 7 from you, then that is good enough for me. Hopefully next time we can pull the worth of an 8.

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2.86 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2009
12:10 PM EST
Comedy - Original