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Metal Gear Acid

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Author Comments

I've been working on this for a while now, since September on and off in my spare time. Definitely my biggest work thus far. Hope you like it.

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No complaints... well maybe one or two...

It was watchable. Kinda thought provoking about the names in the game.

Sound was clear, I actually understood what your characters said! (i just recently saw a few where i hear or understand a thing lol)

Animation was kinda choppy, but i guess that was what you were going for.

All in all, yeah i liked it.


Indeed that's how it happens.

pretty damn good

I most def got to say that I really enjoyed this flash. Hope to see more Metal Gear Flashes from you soon.

Glandrid responds:

I have a different game spoof lined up at the moment, but I will return to my Metal Gear parodies in due time, don't worry. Thanks for watching.


OMG i get it now, I really really get it. Lol cool story and it makes sense, good job. I liked your toony style too, it was good for a drug trip, although it wasn't as exaggerated as most drug trips are. Specifically and weirdly i find it necessary to point out how I liked how Hideo's glasses fell off when he took acid. I don't know why. Anyway, nice flash, i love the MGS.

Glandrid responds:

The odd thing is the sound effect when he took the drugs matched up perfectly with his glasses flying off as there is a little snap/crack sound right there. Glad you liked it!

Makes sense to me.

Seems like as good an explanation as any. Actually could probably explain where a good many games came from, as well as other things in the media. The voice acting wasn't too bad either

Glandrid responds:

So far you're the only person who liked the voice acting. Thanks!