Kirky's Knightmare

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While I was watching peoples creativity and great story lines at newgrounds, I said to myself that I'm not just going to be a viewer but a creator of something. And that something is called " Kirby's Knightmare".

The story starts when Kirby is been mysteriously threatened and challenged by well known rivals. This movie took me about four months to complete due to other circumstances.



it was ok

this was good and the slowness can be fixed in 1 step.

increase the frame rate

it needs to be around 20-30 frames per second FASTER (around 35-60 overall) so the sounds will still match up with the effects and it will be a more faster experience.

also, i dig the 3d effects used, but they don't make up for the slowness

i also didnt care for the voice acting either, but then again there were no voices in the original anyways, so i have no idea what to base my dislike on. (maybe just the delivery speed?)

its ok....

I like kirby animations but this one its way too slow... everything thakes too much time...


i literally fell asleep during this movie.

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2 things to comment on

1. Up the frame rate a bit, it was too slow
2. You misspelled Dedede...

Otherwise good work :D

Good Deal!

I have to give it to ya, I was impressed by the 3D effects! trust me, i try to animate simple stuff and yet i still suck at that... LoL sooo keep up the good work. It was alittle slow but it doesnt really bother anyone that isn't ADHD :P so good luck on the sequel and Good Luck on future Submissions!!

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3.41 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2009
3:21 AM EST
Comedy - Parody