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Blockhead: Episode 11

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Blockhead, Episode 11: Persuasion

Blockhead finds inspiration to be horrible on Ghostmas.

Hello all my old friends! It's been a long time hasn't it? I hope you guys have been playing Mastermind: World Conqueror lately, because that's what kept me from making this episode on time for Halloween this year. Sorry for the terrible delays, but believe me when I say that it has hurt me more than you :(

But let's both cheer up! A special Blockhead crossover cartoon is planned for release in the EXTREMELY near future, and I hope that all of Newgrounds will be rocked by it.

Enjoy Episode 11! <3

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i wonder what blockhead looks like in 2016 - 2017?

Hey The Swain, I have loved and will always love blockhead, the animation has improved since the start and so has the development of blockhead as a character. I started watching at the age of five in 2005, and get the same pleasure from watching it now as i did then, even as I changed and developed as a person. Noting this, it makes me wonder why it has been seven years since the last episode. I hope you haven't lost interest in animation and hope you make an update sometime soon. Thanks!

A great slice of my childhood. Fucked up I know. But this should've been right next to Spongebob Squarepants on the tele.

Sigh, Blockhead is so annoying and unfunny it hurts. This movie has some nice graphics, but what good is that when it's so retarded? I couldn't even watch the whole thing.


Well I must say this was a pretty fantastic flash. for the mostpart it was highly entertaining, it kept your interest, and has some nice visuals that really come together, so that was the good of things. I am really enjoying this flash movie, you do have the skills just takes putting them across the board even further then you already have. Really good "LOADER" but even better with the actual toon this was funny and great voices great use of colors and backrounds was an amusing flash. So while I liked this flash there are some good and bad about it, I went over it abit but have suggested some more ideas below hope it helps, its not major but could use more of the effort on little stuff here and there,

So here we will go with a few helpful tips, and maybe make it better maybe just a few touch ups or more content regardless lets get the ball rolling. I tend to mention adding subtitles while its not a needed feature but would make for a decent one.