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Adventures in Random-ep 1

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This is a flash I did for fun a loooong time ago. I was cleaning up files on my computer when I came across this. I WAS saving this to use as a bonus flash, to attach to something else, but I just wanna see what you guys think of it.

This flash was made in about a day. The script is completely improvised, and I was also trying out a new animation style.

Thanks to Jake for the voice of Leeroy Leeroyson.

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WHAT THE FU- BOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is pretty much how i reacted to this greatly awesome tho'

I found this quite entertaining

As well as funny. Good job, and I will be looking for more of your flashes in the future.

RedTsunami responds:



not bad... in fact, i actually enjoyed it! Some things that I think should be worked on:

More animation - from the looks of things, your an ok artist! so show us more. using more animation will bring people into your little world and will overall make their viewing experience better!
Color - although straight black and white can be used as an art style... in this film, it just comes across as, 'I'm too lazy to color my images.' Color also ties into the whole bringing people into your world thing.
Text - although some people may argue with me on this one, I think that the text in this film is not really necessary. I think that the voice acting was easy enough to understand by itself. Instead of the text, I recommend that you synchronize the mouth with the voice.

Some stuff that I enjoyed:

Drawings - the drawings overall were not too bad and I think you have a talent for it.
The end - (no i dont mean i celebrated it ending!) I enjoyed the joke at the end where the guy seems to shoot into the air for no reason, then fall into a hole which gobbles him up.

Hope this helps you and I look forward to seeing more short from you!

RedTsunami responds:

Thanks for the review. Like I said earlier, this flash was made in about a day, so obviously it isn't as good as I can do. This is just a lil' short, so yeah.



Nice v-a ing
and dialog....not the funniest...but kinda funny and more importantly not retarded/spam


RedTsunami responds:

Yeah, that's what I thought too. In fact, that's what Jake (The voice of Leeroy) thought, as well. He said something like "Why did you make a flash out of that?", when I showed him.


More of this. Please.

RedTsunami responds:


Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2009
6:37 PM EST