mole problems

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enough said please comment


Good but try again.

Its a good flash and it is pretty funny but you need to make it alot bigger and Make the text easier to read.

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Couple of Problems

1. Lack of sound. If you don't have a mic, fine, but add in some sound effects.
2. The Green text when the small mole talks is hard to read.
3. Sometimes, the text flashes by a little too quickly.
4. Portions of the text are hidden behind the window.

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too small, especially some of the text

cutely made up, but too small to understand. Having audio would improve the thing too.

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I really don't like these kind of flashes. Beginners that makes bad flash and submit to a site that has ALOT of good flashes that if you watch them this kind just seems like shit. Sorry. But if I were you, I would delete it. :/

dragonman101 responds:

well how else do you supose someone like me should gain valuable feedback and moral support from profesional flash artists like you and the other pros here?

Kinda sucked.

Some of the text was too little to be able to understand it and the graphics,the movement were bad and there was no sound,horrible sry!
Work on it a bit more - add sound,make the text go a bit slower and make it bigger - and resubmit a v2.

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1.80 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
5:07 PM EST
Comedy - Original