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Christmas Romance +

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**The background bug that seemed to cause the last scene to show as black is fixed. If anyone still encounters it though, please let me know.**

IMPORTANT! I used a new loading system, since the total animation is about 20MB. Since Newgrounds wont accept it and Flash wont render it, I had to cut it into parts. Therefore, half of the animation is being loaded from an external server, because otherwise I had to cut the animation again. So, even if the download doesnt seem to start right away, it means that the animation is still connecting to the servers. Please be patient while loading.

Anyways, this is a "directors cut" of my previous Christmas Submission of 2 years back. Back then, in order to make the deadline and make sure my computer could still make an SWF of it, I had to cut more than half of the content. I also made a categorisation mistake then, which caused the movie to be forgotten pretty quickly with only about 300 views. Since I have spend more than 2 months fulltime work on it, I though this was a bit of a waste... But, since I cannot submit something that has been submitted before, I made sure to add a lot of stuff, including the stuff I had to cut earlier. So, the Director's cut contains:

-An extra added scene
-Animated backgrounds
-A lot of small touch ups of things I was unhappy with

As for the story;
Deep inside the forest live the woodsprouts, being the tinyest creatures you will ever see. This is a story about two young woodsprouts, celebrating the holidays in their own special way.

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Loved it

This is exactly hat NG needs most of all. Sure, they will always be random, funny movies, and they will always be the most favored thing on here, but I really wish there was more stuff like this. An original plot combined with good animation that sets a charming tone throughout the entire flash. Loved the artwork btw. *Adds you to favorites*

Cridia responds:

Well, I will defintiely continue to make these kinds of movies, because I like doing these kinds of movies more than those random funny movies. Not that they are bad, I am just bad at making them. Thanks for the comment!

kore wa ichiban desu yo!

im not japanese that was good the backgrounds are the greatest!


i liked it

Mine god!!!

They are so cute!!! :3

Very Good!

Animation was smooth, I found the backgrounds very impressive. You'll have to teach me one day =) Music was well suited, unlike some movies where they just add a rock band to every movie. Anyway, awesome job, keep up the GREAT work!!! Adding you to my favourites, btw =) =) =) !!